The Greatest sand and snow stake

handstake.jpgIntroducing Toughstake™

The revolutionary new design in Sand Stakes and Snow Stakes from Toughstake™has finally solved the long time problem of anchoring your Tent, Awning, Sunshade, or whatever in sand and snow.

Toughstake™ uses a Deep Anchor Tension System (DATS), to provide up to 10X the anchor force of standard top mount stakes.  In addition each Toughstake™ has been designed from high strength 6061 T6 Aluminum to  maximize performance.  Storage is simple, as each Toughstake™ simply nest together, minimizing space.  So if you are anchoring in snow, sand or even moon dust, the Toughstake™ design will change the way you think of stakes, forever.

US and Foreign Patents Pending

How It Works


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What People are Saying

We bought these pegs to use on the beach in PEI where the sand is very loose and our Sunshade umbrella previously would blow away in the slightest breeze with traditional pegs. The pegs work awesome easy to install and does a great job even in strong winds. It has made our vacation time on the beach awesome. ”

Mountain Equipment Co-op Ratings and Reviews
"Toughstakes were designed for use in snow, sand, and other loose ground. They worked very well in my tests in snow. Anchoring a tent in an area of high winds is a problem encountered by most backpackers and virtually all high-altitude, winter, and polar expeditions.... I found the small aluminum plenty strong enough for all the situations I tested in: with a 3-man Mountain Hardwear Trango 3.1, in soft powder and mushy snow, winds in a couple cases measured a sustained 35 knots for several hours... The Toughstakes live up to their intended solid anchoring of tents in soft snow and sand. If you are going to a location where you will be camping in soft (powder or slush) snow conditions and high winds, the Toughstakes are worth considering. ”

Trail Space Outdoor Gear Reviews
Not bad at all! A large tarp on the beach uses medium [stakes]. So if you've got a small one, you can use small [stakes]. Furthermore, It firmly held down our Nordisk Wing (5 m x 4 m) while a VIC [brand stakes] didn't! ”

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The greatest sand and snow stake